December Favourites

So it’s the end of December. Everyone has had their fill of turkey, chocolate and the inevitable sandwiches, filled with various combinations of leftover meats. As thoughts turn to what 2016 may have in store, anything xmas related has long been forgotten. 
So that’s why I have kept this months favourites purely winter themed! Since we still have a couple of months left of the cold, everything I have chosen this month is still, very much, in use in my house. 

So clearly peppermint tea itself is nothing new, but I have developed a new found love for the stuff. I made a cup for breakfast one morning, in place of my usual ordinary tea, and was instantly addicted. Obviously it’s a super healthy choice, especially with everyone trying to ‘be good’ as 2016 begins, but I also find it much more satisfying to drink than a lot of other herbal teas, as it is much sweeter. Apart from the Twinings variety, I have also been loving the teapigs one…but I had none left for the picture 😦 

Whilst enjoying my tea, I have been super obsessed with having lots of candles lit around the room, to make it extra cosy! In my mind, tea lights are the perfect little mood-setters. Choosing the right kind of holder to suit your room is, therefore, super important. My favourite little tea light holders this month have been these vintage birdcage-style ones. 
This is a very popular style at the minute, so you should be able to find something similar to suit all budgets on the high street. 
With these dotted around a room, you feel almost like there are little lanterns glowing beside you, and they instantly add such a cosy feel to any room/area in your home. 

Some days, there’s nothing better than having a cosy day in…candles lit, kettle on, and a big cuddly lounge sweater. This one is from Sainsbury’s TU Clothing. I’m building up quite a collection of these tops, and supermarkets are fantastic for them! Honestly, I feel like two of the best places to find them, this year, have been TU Clothing at Sainsbury’s, and F&F at Tesco. They are so comfy and cosy, you won’t want to take it off!!! 

Until next time guys!



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