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When it comes to makeup, everyone has their go-to products which they like to use on a day-to-day basis. For me, this is the makeup which is the easiest and quickest to apply, but which also gives the best finish. 
Thankfully, my skin doesn’t give me many problems, but I am still so fussy when it comes to good coverage, so I use a mix of higher end and drugstore products to achieve the coverage, whilst keeping it simple and quick. 

(The wash bag in the background
of all the photos is from
Cath Kidston‘)

Before you apply any makeup, it is so important to prep your skin appropriately. If you get the ‘base’ right, your makeup will go on so much easier, and you will get a much better finish, with much less product. So this is why I like to prep my skin with the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. It leaves my skin gently exfoliated, smooth, glowing and in great condition – the perfect base for creating a flawless makeup look. 

I follow this with the Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner. I had a simple skin test done in my nearby ‘Kiehls’ store, and so this toner was suited perfectly to my skin type.
It only takes 10 seconds, and the staff are wonderful, so I definitely recommend getting this little test done. Finding the correct product for your skin type is vital for keeping your skin in the best condition it can possibly be. This toner is so light on my skin, gently removing any makeup residue and excess oils, leaving my skin feeling so fresh and hydrated. It also helps to reduce the amount of oil that my skin produces throughout the day, helping my makeup to stay matte, and my pores to stay clear. 

To finish off my prep process, I use ‘SteamCream‘. This is a natural moisturiser, infused with a blast of steam, which helps to condition your skin. It is a totally vegan product, and boasts ingredients such as oatmeal, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter.  ‘SteamCream’ is quickly absorbed, non greasy, and because the ingredients are such good quality, suitable for most skin types. The little tins, which it comes in, are also SUPER cute. Available in many different designs and colours, they give this product an extra little novelty appeal. 

Now, on to makeup….

For general, everyday wear, I absolutely love the Garnier Pure Active Anti-imperfections BB Cream. This is perfect for more sensitive skin, as it is much lighter than a foundation, helps to moisturise skin, and it contains Salicylic acid – which is the anti-bacterial ingredient that helps to fight blemishes. Grouped together with giving just the right amount of coverage, blurring imperfections, evening out skin tone, and with an SPF15, this BB Cream is great as an everyday foundation substitute. Whether your skin is good, or you are troubled with acne, or other blemishes/scars, I feel like this product could really help. Yes, it may not have the fullest of coverage, but sometimes it is good to give your skin a break from foundations, allowing it to breath and repair itself. So, for anyone struggling with confidence issues, surrounding skin problems and makeup, this is definitely something to try! It may just do your skin, and your confidence, a world of good! 

I’m a big fan of a matte finish, very rarely, if ever, going for a dewy look. Therefore, my favourite concealer, by far, is the Revlon Photoready concealer stick in 003. It has excellent coverage, great staying power, and gives a lovely flawless finish. It doesn’t cake, making it great for spontaneous spot outbreaks and scarring. When used on top of the ‘Garnier BB Cream’, the result is a finish, so smooth, that it is almost impossible to tell that you are not wearing a good coverage foundation.

As I like keeping things simple on a day-to-day basis, I cut out the whole bronzer, contour and highlight routine, and go straight to blusher. 
It really comes down to personal preference when deciding where to apply this. Some of us like it on the apples of our cheeks, while others prefer to apply it along the cheekbone. Personally, I tend to go with the latter, and my blusher of choice is ‘Avon true match blusher’ in Russet. Sadly, this exact one is no longer available. However, ‘Russet’ is still available in the Avon Ideal luminous Blush. I love this colour as, when applied lightly, it gives a nice, subtle, pinky toned, shade, but is easily built up to a more rusty colour. This gives it great versatility, allowing you to easily alter your look between summer and winter tones. 

I’ve always been a massive advocate of setting makeup with a powder, and I use nothing other than the Revlon Photoready Powder in 002. This is in a league of it’s own when it comes to the perfect finish. A quick brush of this, over the top of all your makeup, gives you an undeniably airbrushed finish. I find that, unless I have been unusually warm, I rarely need to top this up during the course of a day. However, any time that I do, it continues to go on brilliantly – no caking or clumping-  making it impossible to tell that I have topped it up. 

So this are my absolute favourite products for a quick and easy everyday makeup routine. The road to a seemingly flawless complexion doesn’t need to be a difficult one. Using the right products for your particular skin type, achieving the best coverage without caking your face with makeup, and giving your skin the prep that it needs to wear the makeup well, are all key. 
I hope that this has helped you to consider your own daily skincare and makeup routine, giving you some ideas about which products, and shortcuts, can be helpful. 

I know that I have not mentioned eye makeup at all, but that’s a whole different post!!

Have fun experimenting!! 

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  1. Thank you Anoushka! It's good to know you enjoyed it! 🙂


  2. Anoushka P says:

    Great post, I definitely want to try the Kiehls test that sounds so good! I actually haven't used most of these before will have to check them out! 🙂

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog


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