3 Easy Tips For Healthier Skin And Hair

It’s something which we have all experienced from time to time – our skin breaks out in spots, or our hair suddenly becomes dry and brittle. There are many cosmetic products out there which can act as quick fixes for problems like these, but we all know that the best way to achieve, and maintain, healthy skin and hair, is from the inside. 
I’m sure there are many of you who started January with the best of intentions, vowing to make changes to help improve your skin/hair in time for the summer. However, as the months go on, many of us find it difficult to stay committed. Craving something a bit more flavourful than water, getting tired of plain old herbal teas, and getting bored of eating salad every day, are all things which will ring true to many of you. 
That is why I want to share 3 small changes which are incredibly simple, and require very little effort, but which are all amazing for maintaining healthy skin and hair. So, if you’re the person who thinks that your daily lifestyle is simply too hectic to waste time faffing around with health foods, then this is a post for you! 

The Water Problem
Drinking more water every day is something which can easily prove to be much more difficult than it sounds, but finding ways in which you can up your intake, without losing out on flavour, is the key. One of the best ways to do this is by adding it to your favourite fruit juices. To some, this might sound a bit gross, but, trust me, not only does it help you to increase your water intake, but it is also better for your teeth, as it reduces the acidity of the juice.  


Picture shows San Pellegrino
water and Sainsbury’s Pineapple juice

You can get totally creative with this, mixing different juices together to create your own tasty cocktails, and instead of ice cubes, try adding a few pieces of frozen fruit. Not only will you still benefit from the fibre and vitamins in fruit juice, but the extra water will help to keep your skin healthy, plump and hydrated, and your hair thick and strong. 
If fizzy drinks are your downfall, then try doing the same with fizzy water, for a super refreshing take on the more sugary alternative. You could even add it to a cordial to create your own fizzy orange or blackcurrant drink. 
Taking a bottle of water with you, when you leave the house, is also a great way to ensure that you can keep sipping throughout the day. So why not try adding some slices of orange or lemon, or a handful of frozen berries to create your own, fruit infused water, which is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins. A double whammy of goodness for your skin and hair.

Antioxidant Boosted Smoothies
Smoothies are a popular breakfast choice for those of us with a busy schedule. It’s a great way to fit more fruit and veg into your daily diet, but with very little time and effort required. However, I’m sure that there are quite a few of you who have become more concerned over the amount of sugars which smoothies can, potentially, contain. Yes, these are naturally occurring fruit sugars, but with most of us using fruit juices to blend our smoothies with, sugar levels can become rather high. Many health focused people, therefore, now choose to replace the fruit juice with water, which is grand, but when you want your smoothie to carry as much nutritional value as possible, water doesn’t quite cut it. That’s why I love to use green tea! If you don’t usually like the taste of green tea, then this is a great way for you to benefit from the high levels of antioxidants, but without the intense taste. Antioxidants help to flush toxins from your body. They help keep your skin clear, protected, and supple, and can be useful in promoting a healthier, stronger, and possibly even fuller, head of hair. 

Picture shows Higher Living’s
Green Tea with Coconut

To add a green tea to your daily smoothie, simply brew the tea to double strength (half the amount of recommended water per tea bag), add it to your choice of fruit/veg, and blend. Go ahead and be adventurous! Experiment with different flavoured green teas, or even try white tea.
You can use frozen fruits to help chill your smoothie (they are also cheaper than buying everything fresh),  and trying to incorporate as much in-season produce as possible will really help to maximise the nutritional benefits in your smoothie. 

Spreading Some Goodness
If you take a walk down the dairy aisle of the supermarket, you will find an ever-growing selection of butters and spreads, many of which claim certain benefits to both heart, and general, health. However, there is one option which you will not find with the other spreads, but which has an extensive list of proven health benefits – Coconut Oil
How many of you enjoy a slice of toast for breakfast or supper? Have you stopped using a frying pan because you are concerned about the health implications? Well, these are all opportunities for you to incorporate the wonders of coconut oil into your daily diet, and with the greatest amount of ease.  

Picture shows Holland
and Barrett Coconut Oil

Contrary to what some may think, the fats in coconut oil are actually some of the best for you. It helps to keep your skin plump and healthy, killing off certain types of bacteria and fungus, and can also be used as a moisturiser, when applied directly to the skin. It is also amazing for keeping your hair shiny, and acts as a great treatment mask, strengthening the strands and leaving it looking, and feeling, amazing.
So try replacing your butter, or spread, with coconut oil. 
It’s delicious on wholegrain toast, and topped with some sliced banana. This is a great, healthy, energy boosting breakfast, and changing over from butter/spread requires no extra time in then mornings. You can also put a spoonful of coconut oil into a frying pan, for a great way to enjoy that fried egg or chicken breast, but with all the added health benefits, and none of the bad stuff. Or, for a healthy, and satisfying snack, spread some coconut oil on oatcakes, and top with a small amount of jam.
Really, you can substitute most fats for coconut oil when cooking or baking. Try roasting some veg in it, or melting it and using it, instead of butter, to make your own granola. A quick google search will produce so many sites, where you can discover all  of the uses, and benefits, of this great product for yourself. 

Improving your hair and skin doesn’t need to be complicated, and it doesn’t require any drastic changes. In fact, you usually find that, the more drastic the change, the less likely you are to maintain it. I hope that this post has helped to inspire you to incorporate a few small, but highly beneficial, things into your daily routine. Not only will it help to maintain your skin and hair health, but your entire body will thank you for the nutritional boost.
Let me know, in the comments, if you have found any simple ways to incorporate some healthy habits into your busy lifestyle!

Until next time guys!!

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