Caramelised Biscuit Cheesecake

I’ve always loved to bake. Even when I was a little girl I used to make strange concoctions and give them to my Granda to eat. Granted, I did actually make him sick once with the awful stuff that I’d mixed together…but he was grand every other time!

As I got older, thankfully, I moved away from the random things, and began to make actual, edible food. Obviously, as you progress, you begin to get an idea of how different treats are made, what ingredients are needed, and which methods work best for each recipe. This has meant that I have been able to alter, add to, take away from, and even create from scratch, recipes which I love to make time and time again.

The recipe that I want to share with you today is one for a ‘Caramelised Biscuit Cheesecake’. Cheesecake recipes are so versatile and incredibly easy, and fun, to make. This one is entirely my own. I made it up and just hoped that it would work. Obviously, I had people taste it to make sure that it had, before I wrote this post!

You can alter the measurements in this recipe to suit the size of cake pan, or number of ramekins, that you are using. I got 5 ramekins out of this mix (yes, despite only having photographed 4).


To make these delicious cheesecakes yourself, you will need:

10 Digestive Biscuits 

1/3-1/2 of a  250g pack Caramelised biscuits (such as ‘Lotus’) 

60g melted butter (you will need to increase this slightly if using more digestive biscuits, and vice-versa) 

1 180g tub full fat cream cheese

2 tbsp double cream

1/2 tbsp icing sugar

Ramekins / cake tin / flan dish

  1. Place your digestive biscuits in a sandwich bag, and whilst holding the top closed, crush them with a rolling pin until fine crumbs (this can also be done in a food processor if you prefer) Empty into a bowl.
  2. Melt butter and pour over the crushed biscuits, mixing well with a spoon, until it has been evenly distributed. You will know that you have enough butter in the mix when the crumb sticks together, if pressed with the back of a spoon.
  3. Spoon the biscuit mix into your ramekins/cake pan, and press it firmly into place. You want it to be well compressed so that it sets into a good biscuit base for your cheesecake. It’s really personal preference as to how thick you make the base, but personally, I like my cheesecake to be 1/3 base and 2/3 filling.
  4. Place your ramekins into the fridge to set whilst you get on with making the filling.
  5. Put the cream cheese, double cream and icing sugar into a mixing bowl, and beat together until light and fluffy. This is easiest done with an electric hand mixer.
  6. Crush the caramelised biscuits in the same way as you did with the digestives.
  7. Pour around 2/3 of the crumb into the cream cheese mixture. Stir thoroughly, until biscuit is well combined, and the mixture turns a caramel colour. Again, the amount of biscuit used is really down to personal preference, so keep tasting it along the way, and add a bit more if you like.
  8. You can then take your ramekins out of the fridge, and spoon in the mixture, spreading it evenly and smoothly over the biscuit bases.
  9. Sprinkle some of the left over caramelised biscuit crumbs on top of each one, and place back into the fridge for a couple of hours to set.

*Be sure to cover your cheesecake in clingfilm if you have anything strong smelling in your fridge, such as garlic or onion. Otherwise, your lovely dessert will absorb the smell and won’t taste very pleasant. 

These cheesecakes are a great little treat, which you can whip up pretty quickly, and in advance. They don’t cost a lot to make either! Serve them with strawberries, or a little ice cream on the side, and you can even serve some of the leftover biscuits on the plate too. It’s easy to make the presentation of these so attractive!



If you need an idea for a delicious Valentine’s dessert, and aren’t that confident in the kitchen, then give this a go! It’s a great, indulgent dessert to really treat that someone special……or yourself, because we all need a little pamper time now and again!

Let me know if you have a favourite flavour of cheesecake, or what your favourite dessert is in general. Hopefully, I’ll have some more of my own recipes for you from time to time, so keep an eye out!

Until next time guys!


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