My Current Makeup Favs

It’s the thing that all women dread. You have a foundation that you love and then, all of a sudden, your skin decides that you need a change. If you’re like me, you have probably tried to ignore the signs, only wearing foundation occasionally, but that rarely improves matters. 

If you’ve read my post, Daily Skincare & Makeup Products And Tips! you’ll know that I don’t wear full makeup every day, I prefer to give my skin a break between uses. For the days that I wanted to go for the full makeup look, however, I decided that it was finally time to go to ‘Superdrug’ and spend ages swatching every foundation I could find, until my hands were hidden under an intermingled blanket of sand beige and vanillas.

Eventually, I landed on one that I liked. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I change a main product in my makeup routine, I like to introduce other new things too, and create a new, fresh look that I haven’t tried before. This is a great way to over haul your makeup routine, and you can discover some new favourites along the way, which is exactly what happened to me! 

So, after changing my mind over and over again, the foundation which I finally chose was the L’Oreal Infallible 24Hr Matte in 12 Natural Rose. I tested it on the back of my hand, which is a good way to judge how a product will behave on your skin. IMG_1362

The first thing that I noticed about this foundation was that it was a nice, creamy consistency. Unlike some of the others I had tried, it didn’t cake around any dry patches or fine lines on the back of my hand. However, if your face tends to be quite dry, I wouldn’t recommend using the matte version of this foundation. Go for the regular 24hr Infallible, as it is aimed at drier skin types, and has a more dewy finish, which helps keep your skin moisturised. 

Once on my face, it gave such a smooth, flawless finish. It didn’t cake under my eyes, or around my nose, and it smoothed over any blemishes really well, without drying or caking. 

I can’t say that I’ve tested it’s 24hr staying power, but I can say that it remains flawless throughout the average day/evening. For the amount of coverage that it gives, it is incredibly lightweight, neither looking, or feeling, like a full coverage foundation, even when built up. This gives it great wearability, and at only £7, it means that this will be a great little product for coming into the warmer Spring/Summer days. 

Whilst looking for a foundation, I also came across a brand called Freedom Makeup London. They have a  Professional London range, but it has a surprisingly low price tag. So, I decided to pick up their Pro Contour in medium 01, priced at only £3.50. The packaging of this little product is impressive. It’s extremely compact, and yet there is a good amount of product inside. IMG_1359

I absolutely LOVE to use this on top of the ‘L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte foundation’. It’s a powder product, and so it blends really nicely over the top, without disturbing, or compromising, the flawless matte foundation base. 

The contour colour in the medium 01 palette is gorgeous on my, more olive toned, skin. It’s just the right shade of bronze, without being too dark, and so it gives the perfect illusion of shadow. The highlight shade is very subtle, but, again, it blends well, and complements the contour perfectly.  

In terms of eye products, the palette which I’m absolutely in love with at the minute is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. Not only do these little eye shadows smell incredible, but this particular palette has some of the most gorgeous colours. I have been loving the ‘Champagne Truffle’ as a highlight and base colour. Its such a lovely, subtle pink with a beautiful bubbly sparkle. It works so well with the ‘Amaretto’ and ‘Black Forest Truffle’ shades blended into the outer corners, and crease, of the eye. IMG_1365

These eyeshadows are so pigmented, they blend beautifully with a fluffy brush and they don’t fade or crease. As there are so many pretty, neutral shades included, like the ‘Salted Caramel’ and ‘Creme brûlée’, this palette has great, everyday usability. So, despite being on the more pricey side, coming in at around £37, I definitely recommend treating yourself to this little beauty.

To finish off my makeup recently, I have found myself constantly reaching for the Barry M Matte Lip Paint in 121. I’m sure there are loads of you who will share my love of a bold red lip! It has so much versatility in terms of makeup, and overall outfit look. I do love my pink and coral shades too, and do own some from this same collection, but I just feel like a red lip is a timeless classic, which looks great all year round. Priced at only £4.49, you really can’t go wrong with this little product! IMG_1364

With many matte lip colours, you can find the formula to be quite drying and your lips can, very quickly, feel like sandpaper. However, with the ‘Barry M’ one, I don’t have this problem. It’s actually quite a moisturising formula, it doesn’t bleed (even without lip liner) and it has great staying power, making it perfect for dinner dates and drinks. 

I love how this particular colour really helps to enhance my contour shade, from the ‘Freedom’ palette. Also  speaking of tying your whole look together, if, like me, you like to keep your makeup very much matte, then the ‘Barry M Matte Lip Paint’ collection will be the perfect way to finish off your look.  

So those are a few of the products which I am currently obsessed with. I’m extremely impressed with the quality of the high street products available at the minute… And yes, I know that ‘Too Faced’ isn’t a high street brand, but, hey, you need to treat yourself every now and again. Investing in just one or two higher end items can be all you need in order to overhaul your makeup collection, and give it a new lease of life.

Let me know, in the comments, what high street products you are loving at the minute, or what high end items you have added into your high street makeup collection. I don’t doubt that I will have some more makeup favourites for you soon…kinda can’t stop seeing products that I want to try! 

Until next time guys! 

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  1. Great article sweetie! I really like your make-up favorites! Kisses! ❤


  2. littleharto says:

    Hi! I love your blog, so nominated for for the Liebster Awards. ( more info is in the link) 💖

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    1. Aww thank you so much! 🙂

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