‘Rimmel Wonder’full’ Mascara with Argan Oil – First Impressions

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own 🙂

When the time comes to buy a new makeup product, like I mentioned in last weeks post, I can spend ages browsing the shelves. I needed to replace my mascara this week, and despite having already found one that I actually really like, and which you can read about in my post on ‘Every Day makeup Favs – Eyes‘, I didn’t re-purchase it. I just saw too many others which I really wanted to try. That may be a bit odd, but I love trying new products!

It is so much harder than I had expected to get a waterproof mascara! Despite really wanting to try some of the high street newcomers, I couldn’t get them in waterproof versions. I did still contemplate giving them a go, but when they are around £10 a pop, it’s a bit of an expensive gamble.

I eventually decided to grab a ‘Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil‘ in black, priced at £7.99. I was so pleased to find a waterproof version of this mascara, as the range had really caught my eye. The tubes are lovely and bright, in shiny green, golds and blues, and like a magpie, I am always attracted to things like that!


Of course, it’s really the product INSIDE the tube that matters, but in this case, the promise of what it will deliver is just as attractive as the packaging itself. There are 5 different formulas to choose from. Three of which incorporate Argan Oil – the regular ‘Wonder’full with Argan Oil’ in black, the same again only in waterproof (which is the one I chose), and then the regular formula in ‘extreme black’. The Argan Oil helps to condition lashes, and all three have, what ‘Rimmel’ call an ‘ultra-flex brush’ for great definition.

The applicator on the ‘Rimmel Wonder’full’ waterproof mascara

The other 2 formulas are ‘Wake Me Up’ ones, incorporating vitamins and cucumber extract, and a different shaped brush with soft bristles. I thought that this sounded like a really lovely concept, but they don’t do it in waterproof. The two versions are ‘black’ and ‘extreme black’. Of course, my desire to go for a waterproof formula is purely personal preference, and simply down to the fact that I’m prone to irritated and watery eyes.

I know that a lot of people tend not to like mascaras with silicone/plastic applicators, but I’m still undecided. Just like the bristle brushes, I’ve used some good, and some bad ones. However, in this case, I can say that I absolutely love the applicator. Despite being a plastic/silicone type, it grips my lashes so well (if you’re someone who has never liked these applicators, then this could be the product which changes your mind!). Just as it claims, there are no clumps, but yet it holds a good amount of product, and gives my lashes great length and definition. Even my boyfriend said that there was something different about my eyes on the first day that I wore this mascara. I have to say that I don’t think I have ever used a mascara which has noticeably separated and volumised my lashes so well.

The only, slightly negative, point that I would make is that, whilst achieving good volume doesn’t require a massive amount of effort, you do need to spend a little time over it at the start. So, it’s probably not going to be an ‘apply 2 seconds before rushing out the door’ type job. Getting the right technique is really the crucial part. I found that, since the applicator is so good at separating your lashes by itself, and it isn’t a bristle brush, my technique changed slightly when applying it. I also found it most effective if I applied a couple of coats (which I could do without it clumping). With all that said though, it’s only mascara, not rocket science, so it’s nothing that you won’t adjust to.

On the waterproof side of things, it’s a definite winner. It doesn’t smudge or run, and it lasts all day long.

Adding Argan Oil to mascara appears to have been a stroke of genius! The smooth look, and lightweight feel, which the formula gives is incredible. It’s not a mascara which I would necessarily recommend if you only like to apply it to the end of your lashes. I feel like, in order to get the full effect from this product, you should apply it from the base. That way, you ensure that the applicator can do it’s job of defining and volumising, right from the root.


I have no doubt that ‘Rimmel’ has brought a great range of mascaras to the high street with their ‘Wonder’full’ collection. If you’re looking for a new product to try, or are wanting to replace your current mascara, then I’d DEFINITELY recommend that you consider the waterproof ‘Wonder’full’! However, despite my issues with purchasing non-waterproof formulas, I have fallen in love with this entire range way too much to NOT give the ‘Wake Me Up’ versions a try too! …Guess what my next purchase is going to be!

If you have tried this, or any of the others in the range, then please let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time guys!


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