Seventeen Skin WOW! | 3 Way Highlighter Review

Whilst walking around my local ‘Boots’ store recently, I saw so many makeup and beauty products that I REALLY wanted! Of course, ‘Boots’ is well known for the ‘Seventeen’ makeup range… and it’s products just seem to be getting more and more attractive! With many now appearing in similar packaging to brands such as ‘NARS’ and ‘L’Oreal’, I was very curious to know whether the product inside was also similar.

Seventeen Skin WOW! Highlighter

I decided to pick up the ‘Seventeen Skin WOW! 3 Way Highlighter‘. It’s a liquid highlighter, which can also be used as a primer, to give a radiant base for your foundation, or mixed with your foundation, for an all-over luminous look. The ‘Seventeen Skin WOW!’ range also includes a concealer, and an Instant Glow Tan. What initially drew my eye to the highlighter though, was the close resemblance that it bares (in colour) to the ‘NARS Copacabana‘ illuminator. However, at only £5.99, compared to around £23 for the ‘NARS’,  it’s a fraction of the price!

I had never used a liquid highlighter before, so it took a little bit of getting used to! First and foremost, I wanted to see how it worked as a simple highlighter on my cheekbones. It comes in a pump, which is a massive plus, as the consistency isn’t SUPER thick. This means that a little goes a long way. I did make the mistake, at first, of applying too much, and it ended up lifting a lot of my foundation off, making it patchy and caked. On my second attempt though, I think I got the hang of it. The very light touch of a finger, to gently dab, and blend out the edges of the product, is all you need.  The iridescent, almost pearlescent, finish is gorgeous, and it has great staying power.

Finish given by the Seventeen Skin WOW! Highlighter

Since this is a 3-way highlighter, obviously, I wanted to also see how it faired when mixed into a foundation or BB Cream. As I always mention, I’m not a massive fan of an overly ‘dewy’ look, and I was a bit worried that adding an iridescent product to my foundation might give a dewy finish. I was pleasantly surprised though! I chose to blend it with my BB Cream, as this is what I wear on a day-to-day basis. The result was a lovely, healthy glow, without appearing shiny. It helps your face to catch the light, naturally, in all the right places, and so helps to flatter the natural bone structure of your face. This would be a great method to use over the Summer months, when you want a healthy glow to your complexion, with minimal effort, and without lashings of makeup.

One down side to this process, however, is that applying a powder over the top, will be a bit counter-productive to achieving this naturally highlighted, radiant look. Your skin will simply have a much more subtle, but still healthy, glow. If you have particularly oily skin, and need a powder, then perhaps simply using this product as a topical cheekbone highlighter, after applying your powder, would be better.

The label on this highlighter markets it as a ‘3 way highlighter’, to ‘glow and prime’, but it’s actually listed on the ‘Boots’ website specifically as a ‘Primer’. So, of course I was going to try this out! The first thing that I noticed, was that the product didn’t glide totally smoothly over my skin, in the same way that my ‘Benefit POREfessional‘ primer does. I found that it acted more like a foundation, turning quite thick and cakey. It did seem to slightly enhance the small area of dry skin that I have at the moment, possibly due to the slight caking, but with a little work, I managed to blend it out.

Again, I decided to use a BB Cream on top. I actually wasn’t sure that I would notice any difference, as my skin itself didn’t appear different. However, it did eventually create a nice smooth base for applying my makeup… and after I had, my complexion appeared to be much brighter. I noticed that there was a slight highlight to the high points of my face, when they caught the light. The effect was more subtle than when I mixed the highlighter into my BB Cream, but it was still noticeable, even with powder. I’m not sure whether this would still be the case if I had used foundation though, as it may be too heavy for such subtleties to show through.

In terms of effectiveness, on the three suggested uses for this product, I was quite impressed. Personally, I think I’d prefer to use it as a highlighter for my cheekbones, but for the summer, I’m loving the option of mixing it into a foundation or BB Cream, for a really healthy, natural glow.

I’m not a  massive fan of the consistency, or how it performs when applied directly to the skin, but if you’re used to liquid highlighters, then you’re probably not gonna have these problems.

Like I said though, I just love the glow that it gives to my cheekbones. With a nice coral blush, and some gentle contour, this is a great addition to your makeup collection, especially for the Summer months! It’s also a really good dupe for the higher end versions, being both affordable and effective. So, even if you only use it in one of these 3 ways, I’d definitely say it’s worth trying!

Let me know what your thoughts are on this product, in the comments, or if you’ve found any other great product dupes!

Until next time guys!

P.S.- This post isn’t sponsored 😛 


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