Summer Haircare Routine | Products And Top Tips

My haircare routine was pretty ‘up in the air’ for a while. All of a sudden, my hair seemed to change in texture, strength and appearance. I’ve put this dramatic change down to the medication which I had started taking a few months previous. It did mean, however, that the products which I was using to wash and style my hair were no longer affective, and so it was time for a change.

So, I’m going to walk you through the products and techniques which I now use, and round off with a few of my top tips for healthy locks.


When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, it’s so important to listen to what your hair is crying out for. Just like your skin, your hair can be damaged by so many things, especially now that the sun has appeared, and holiday season has begun! This is why it’s important to invest in products that contain really good ingredients, which will repair and nourish, but also help to maintain everything that you already love about your hair.

The range that I cannot recommend enough at the minute isOGX. Their products are paraben free, sulphate free, cruelty free, and their shampoos and conditioners come in at around £6.99 per bottle. Unlike many other, cheaper brands, there is a vast variety of formulas available, which is great for directly targeting specific issues and hair types. If, like me, you have more than one thing which you want to address, then you may find that you want to work through a few different formulas, before settling on one which will maintain your hairs health. To get you started with finding out what it is that your hair needs, you can take this OGX quiz!

I began by addressing the frizz, which my hair is so prone to developing. For this, I picked up theKukui Oilshampoo and conditioner. This smells INCREDIBLE, and uses ‘Kukui nut oil’ to add hydration, and protect your hair against humidity. This really did the job. My hair felt so much smoother and softer. So, after working through a bottle of this shampoo, I wanted to put the shine back into my hair, and for this, I went for both theWeightless Hydration Coconut Watershampoo and conditioner, and theNourishing + Coconut Milkshampoo and conditioner. These reintroduce the moisture back into the hair, and incorporate coconut oil to really condition it, making it shiny and silky smooth. Again, after I’d finished this bottle of shampoo, I wanted something that would be an intensive, overall restorer for my hair, and picked up theRenewing Moroccan Argan Oilshampoo and conditioner. This continued to promote soft, shiny hair, but it also topped it off by strengthening the hair shaft. So, that was my hair really back to the condition that I wanted. Do note that, whilst I still have conditioners of each type left, I think it’s important to use like with like, in order to get the best results. However, you can mix and match, if you like to experiment.


In terms of a shampoo and conditioner to maintain my hair’s health, I now use theBrazilian Keratin Smoothformula. It is a great all rounder, containing coconut oil, keratin proteins, avocado oil and cocoa butter, and, as you might imagine, also smells amazing! Whilst avocado oil is a great shampoo ingredient, you can boost your hairs’ health by also including them in you diet.  It may be odd to offer dietary advice as part of a haircare routine, but it really is one of the most important things. Avocados are packed with super healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, all of which will do wonders, not only for your hair, but also for your skin, and general, overall health. I started adding them into salads, and not only is it delicious, but after a short time, I noticed that the amount of hair coming out in my hairbrush had dramatically reduced. Of course, avocados aren’t the only food that’s great for your hair, but they’re up there with the best!

After washing, I spritz my hair with theAnti-breakage keratin oil instant repair instant healing oil‘. There are a number of different oil mists and treatments available in the range, so I have linked them all there for you 🙂 


I know that I am extremely late catching on to this little beauty, but I highly recommend that you get yourself a ‘Tangle Teezer‘. Like I mentioned earlier, my medication tends to increase the amount of hair that I lose when I’m washing and styling it. So, to try and fix this, I decided to invest in a ‘Tangle Teezer’. For a hairbrush, they are a bit on the pricey side, at around £10.99+, but they’re actually really worth it. They don’t tug on your hair, and so reduce the amount of damage, and hair loss, that regular brushes can cause. This also makes them perfect for when your hair is wet, as that’s when it’s most easily damaged. Leaving your hair with a nice, smooth finish,  without flattening, or reducing volume, these are a must for all hair types! 



I don’t like to use too much heat on my hair too often. Usually, I’ll blow-dry my side fringe and give the rest of my hair a little blast all over, just so that it’s not dripping wet. I’ll then put the straighteners on a low setting and simply straighten my fringe, as I have quite a wavy hairline. The rest of my hair then dries naturally throughout the day.


It’s not very often that I’ll fully blow-dry and straighten my hair, but if I do, I’ll always use the ‘Aveda smooth infusion naturally straight‘. This is applied to towel dried hair, and as you blow-dry, it smooths, straightens and creates a moisture barrier, protecting your hair against humidity. It also progressively straightens out your hair with each consecutive use, making those frizzy waves and unmanageable tresses a thing of the past. It contains lots of natural plant extracts so, on top of all the other great benefits, it also smells incredible! Usually my hair would take a long time to straighten properly, but if I’ve used this before blow-drying, I can straighten my hair in half the time, and with half the effort!

Top Tips

  1. Don’t forget the importance of diet, in maintaining healthy hair.
  2. Try to use products which have good ingredients. The less chemicals you put on your hair, the better.
  3. Make sure you tailor your products specifically to your hair type. Whether you have a specific problem that you want to fix, or you simply want to maintain your locks, it’s important to choose the right combination of products for your needs.
  4. The less heat that you can apply to your hair, the quicker you will begin to see results.
  5. Try to reduce the frequency of which you wash your hair. This will help it to maintain it’s natural oil levels, keeping it healthier and in better condition. It only takes a week or two for your hair to adjust to less frequent washes, and while you’re waiting, a simple french braid can be a life saver!
  6. If you use straighteners, make sure that they have the best quality of plates that you can afford. Tourmaline is best, but you can read more about each type here
  7. If you have coloured hair, try to use a hair mask or intensive conditioning treatment on it once a week. This will help to maintain your colour, and minimise damage from any dyes or bleaches.
  8. Make sure that you keep yourself properly hydrated. Water is super important for healthy, shiny hair. Herbal teas are also a great option, especially green and white teas, which contain high levels of antioxidants. The link that follows, in tip number 10, will give you more information on this.
  9. Get regular trims from a hairdresser. This removes any dead ends, improving your hairs’ health, and encouraging it to grow.
  10. Check out a previous blog post of mine for even more tips on achieving healthier hair. Just click here.

Don’t forget to share any hair care tips in the comments, and let everyone know what your favourite products are 🙂

Until next time guys!

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