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As you may have read in my ‘Life Update‘ post, I’m in the process of moving house with my family. We’re still waiting to be given a final moving date, but there’s so much to organise in the meantime. Of course, such a massive change isn’t good for the old anxiety, and so I’ve been trying to distract myself from it by focusing on décor and home accessories. It’s amazing how many gorgeous items and ideas are out there at the minute! So, for this post, I wanted to share some of my favourites, along with a few tips on discovering your own, personal décor style. Whether you’re moving, redecorating, planning accommodation for Uni in September, or simply needing a bit of Summer inspiration for your current space, this post may be just what you need! 

First things first, no matter what room/s your are wanting to re-vamp, you need to know what sort of styles, not only suit you, but will also help you make the most out of your space. Of course, one of the best ways to do that is on ‘Pinterest. Begin with a simple search on ‘home décor’, and spend some time scrolling through the results. As you do, make a note of the different styles that catch your eye. This should give you a good starting point, helping to map out a basic framework of your personal taste. Once you know what your looking for, try refining your searches more. Make separate boards for separate rooms, and pin as many ideas as you can find. Keep them realistic though! There’s no point pinning pictures of massive, 12 bedroom mansions, with high ceilings and room for 6 horses, when that’s not what you (nor most of the rest of us) actually live in. You will only end up dissatisfied, and uninspired, with your own space, when in reality, it could have just as much charm and character, if you decorate wisely.

 Of course, deciding on a specific style is no good without knowing the colour scheme that you want to go for. Most styles work best when you stick to a few, main colours. Again, ‘Pinterest’ is a great way to help you choose your favourite. 

It’s a good idea to make a colour scheme board on ‘Pinterest’, even if you aren’t wanting to totally redecorate, as it will also help you to match accessories to the existing colour and style of your room. I don’t now about you, but I’m obsessed with rose gold and copper accessories at the minute. They’ve definitely become a trend, and will feature quite a bit in our new house. There are soooo many to choose from at the minute, so to make things a bit easier, I started pinning all of my favourites. This helps you to, not only remember what you’ve seen, but also compare different items, and slowly narrow down your choices. 

As you can see, my favourite items in this style are all accentual items, and this is because themes, such as rose gold/copper, are all about planning. Keeping the main colours of your décor nice and neutral will then allow you to add accents of bold colour, in the form of accessories. This is always much more effective, and means that you won’t need to worry about walls clashing with sofas e.t.c. Again, this is why planning is so important, and using ‘Pinterest’ can really help you to organise your ideas, and stay focused, by giving you a proper, visual representation of what you are working towards. 

If you are wanting to change a space up a little, but without redecorating, or spending a lot of money, then a few accentual changes could be the perfect choice! Again, it’s just a matter of choosing a good theme/colour scheme to match the rest of the décor. If you have bright, bold patterns or colour on the walls, then adding some, more neutral items, could work wonders. By simply changing up your cushions, lamps, or adding a new rug, you can instantly make any space feel like new. Even choosing to introduce a couple of plants can really help to give a fresh, summer feel. 

Some Things To Consider

  1. Think very carefully before committing to any built-in furniture. Whilst it can be great for adding storage in awkwardly shaped, or sized rooms, it can leave you with very few layout options for other furniture. So, if you’re someone who gets bored easily, and likes to change things around, then maybe free-standing units would suit you better.
  2. That said though, be sure to plan your layout carefully, making the most of the space you have. It’s easy to end up with an empty corner, or space, at the foot of a bed, or beside a sofa, that nothing really fits into. Having ‘dead spaces’ like this can make a room feel much smaller, as you have less usable floor space.
  3. When choosing a colour scheme for a room, think carefully before choosing any bold patterns, or ‘fashionable’ ideas. For example, choosing a 70’s style wallpaper with co-ordinating units, seating and ornaments may be a novelty at the start, but how long will that last? Think about whether you could live with your choice for the next lot of years; will you get bored? Will it start to look tacky? Will it become outdated quickly? Will it be easy to alter the style, and update your décor with different accessories, without being too restricted and needing to redecorate? 
  4. If you have a very versatile décor in your home, then why not consider adding little seasonal accessories. A more neutrally decorated space can be made to feel light and airy for the Summer, whilst in Winter, you can change up the cushions, plants and rugs e.t.c. to add a more cosy feel. 
  5. Make sure you make the most of websites like ‘Pinterest’. They can be invaluable when planning any sort of décor change. 
  6. Most importantly, always make sure that you add your own, personal touch to your space. Decorating is a very personal thing, and what suits one person may not be to another’s taste. So don’t be afraid to take inspiration from lots of different sources and styles, and piece them together into something that works for you. You’re the one living with it, so personal taste is key. If you’ve planned, and know exactly what it is that you want, just go for it! 

I hope that you have taken some inspiration from this post. Let me know in the comments if you’re planning on decorating or refurbishing, and what styles you’re going for! Also, don’t forget to follow me on ‘Pinterest‘ and ‘Instagram‘, for lots of pictures of our new house, once we move!

Until next time guys!









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