Welcome To The Great Outdoors | New House And Pretty Views

So, I thought that, since I have mentioned moving house quite a bit on both my Youtube Channel and in previous posts, it was about time that I posted a little update! 

If you’ve seen my last video, then you’ll know that we HAVE finally moved!! (If you haven’t seen it, then what are you waiting for? Click here and be sure to ‘like’ and subscribe 😛 ) 

It all happened on the 6th August 2016! It was definitely a very long and tiring day. Yes, we had removal men, but once we got to the new house, we had to start unpacking. It’s not something that you think is really going to need to be done straight away; when packing to move, it’s done to a deadline, but when unpacking, you feel like you have all the time in the world. However, that’s a feeling that doesn’t last for long. 

The true mayhem, therefore, began once the removal men left, as we suddenly began to realise that we needed to build bed frames, make up the beds, unpack and wash all the new glasses, mugs, plates etc. Find clothes, pyjamas and cosmetics……the list went on and on. 

BUT, having been here for a couple of months now, we are finally settling in. Of course, putting our own stamp own the place has been very fun, and we’re still finishing off little bits ‘n’ pieces. If you’re interested in seeing the style of décor that we’re going for though, then have a look at my Home Décor inspiration post 🙂 All my planning is on there! 🙂 

Moving on then, I thought that it would be nice to share a few photos of the view from the back of our house. It looks out over masses of fields, and boasts some of the best sunsets that I have ever seen! I really enjoy photography (or photo-graphy as I like to call my stuff, as I think the term ‘photography’ sounds too professional for what I like to do). So, this is the first of my posts under the category ‘The Great Outdoors’, which will be where I’m going to be posting photos from walks, drives and trips that I go on. It’s something a little different to my usual stuff (which I will still be writing of course) and I hope that you will find it interesting. 

Well, enough rambling from me! Here’s the pictures of the sunset from my back garden. There are only a few because, lets face it, it’s a sunset, theres only so many angles you can take that from before you start to repeat yourself haha Anyways, I hope you enjoy! 

14542320_1383193268372628_8799223646201558205_o14543818_1383192495039372_8597827210238075976_o 14556535_1383191775039444_1396305072704495829_o 14589985_1383192058372749_7701870859813063854_o 14612566_1383193115039310_5050090678682995612_o


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