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You may have read a previous post of mine on daily skincare and makeupbut things have changed since then!

Skincare is something which, I feel, can often be overlooked by so many of us. We’re often ‘too busy’ or ‘can’t be bothered’. It’s considered something which takes up too much time when we’re rushing out to work, and takes too long in the evening when we’re tired and just want to fall into bed. Other reasons that we may have for neglecting our skincare include; ‘it’s too expensive’, ‘a makeup wipe works fine’, ‘a bar of soap does the same job’……the list goes on. 

Over the years, my skincare routine has changed massively. As a teenager, I regularly used cleansers, toners, moisturisers and exfoliants. After a while though, I became happy with just a good face wash and moisturiser. However, I did finally begin to introduce different products, and I realised that all of the excuses above are totally false. I discovered that there are 3 simple steps which we can consider, in order to find the perfect products, not only for our skin, but also our lifestyle. 

Listen To Your Skin

Normally, when we initially go out to find a face wash or moisturiser e.t.c. we absolutely shop for our skin type. However, that’s usually where we stop. We may be aware of the many factors which can affect our skin over the course of the year, but what we DON’T always do is change up our products accordingly. Whether it’s a change in weather, hormones, diet, medications, stress e.t.c. I have realised that we need to CONSISTENTLY pay attention to these factors, and realise how our skin is changing because of them. Getting to grips with this, and understanding how our skin behaves, is key to tailoring our skincare to work perfectly with, not only our skin, but also our lifestyle. 

Finding Good Base Products

img_2014With the masssssssive amount of brands and products on offer, it’s totally understandable as to why some of us may feel like we just don’t have the time, or that a proper skincare routine is not affordable. However, once you become more in-tune with your skin, and how it can be affected by so many factors, you can pick and choose the products which you feel will, overall, benefit your skin the most. 

For example, in general, my skin tends to be normal to oily, but can become dry in very small, select areas (e.g- across the top of my forehead, due to the heat from the hairdryer). As a teenager, I would often get little under the skin pimples, and when I started taking different medications a number of years ago, I had a bad hormonal breakout. Taking all this into consideration, I decided that my skin would benefit most from a face wash which was tailored towards oily or acne prone skin. Thus, I went with the ‘Garnier Pure Active‘ Range – face wash/exfoliant, a more intensive wash/mask (1/2 times a week), and a micellar water (to remove any remnants of makeup, including mascara). Using these products has meant that I never have to worry about blemishes or spots, and oil is kept under control. Thus, for moisturiser, I went with the ‘Garnier Skin Active’ range, as it has antioxidant properties, but also offers 3 versions for different skin types. I went with the day cream and night cream, both for dry skin. It keeps my skin moisturised, whilst the antioxidant properties work with the other products to keep my skin clear, and prevent impurity build-ups. 

Adapting Your Products Accordingly

img_2015Once you have the main products, which you use on a day to day basis, you can then consider which to switch up as, and when, you need to. For me, before I even considered what would be best for the changes that my skin experienced, I had to tackle the problem of makeup removal. I don’t always wear a lot of makeup, but for the days when I do, I need a face wash which affectively removes it. For this, I chose the ‘Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish‘. It not only removes face makeup, but also completely removes waterproof mascara, eliminating the need for eye makeup removers. 

I love using this product when my skin feels a bit out of condition too, or slightly dryer than usual, and at such times, I also change up my moisturiser. If you’ve been around for a while, you will know that I liked to use ‘Steam Cream‘ every day. However, I now keep it for ‘bad skin days’, as for me, it works as an instant fix for dry and out of condition skin. It also eliminates the need for eye creams and day/night creams, as it’s natural ingredients, light and nourishing formula and essential oils mean that it works great as an all rounder!! 

So, as you can see, with a bit of careful tailoring, your skincare routine can be quick but effective. Buyingimg_2016 every cream and treatment from a range is not only financially impractical, but using too many products can begin to clog your skin, creating even more problems that you will need to tackle. In short, one wash, one cleanser or micellar water and a moisturiser, when carefully selected, can be all you need to effectively care for your skin. Yes, I do own a few other products, such as ‘Drops of Youth‘ by ‘The Body Shop’, but in all honesty, I rarely use it and when I do, it’s just because I feel like it, not because my skin asks me for it. 

I hope that this has been helpful and informative. Let me know in the comments which are your favourite skin care products, or if you have any hacks for discovering your perfect skincare routine. 

Don’t forget to give this post a like and until next time guys!!



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