March Favourites 2017

So it’s been a long time since I have done a favourites post, or video for that matter. I go through phases of having no new favourites for months, but then suddenly find that I’ll have a massive pile of them, all at once. As for right now, the latter is definitely true! I have so many things I’m loving right now that I have decided to narrow it down a bit, and only talk about the ones from the past month. Hopefully you’ll enjoy!

Starting off with clothes, and I only have one item to talk about – This dress from Abercrombie and Fitch UK (A&F)! I adore this brand, but admittedly it is very pricey. However, I managed to find this dress in the sale, reduced from £64 to £19.20!! BARGAIN!!!!! It’s just a basic, polo shirt-style dress with short sleeves. Honestly, it’s the comfiest thing ever, and its easy to pair with some navy tights for colder weather, or just go bare legged for summer. I highly recommend keeping an eye out for A&F sales because you really can bag yourself an awesome wee bargain!

Moving on to beauty related things now, and I’m pretty late to the bandwagon with this one. I have mentioned before, on both my blog and Youtube Channel, that I’m a big fan of ‘Tangle Teezers’. My hair gets really knotty when I wash it, and so a brush that detangles, without snagging, tugging and breaking my hair is a must. However, you’ve also probably noticed that so many bloggers and Youtubers have recently been obsessed with The Wet Brush. Curiosity got the better of me and I picked myself up one to try. I have to say, I was loving having the ‘traditional’ hairbrush design back again…but the look is the only thing ‘traditional’ about this brush. It detangles my hair so much easier, and is actually less painful than even the ‘Tangle Teezer’! My hair doesn’t break and fall out, and bristles have a special design which, not only prevents snags, but also feels like a mini scalp massage as you brush. I just LOVE everything about this product! This is the only version of Wet Brush that I have tried, but I don’t doubt that the others are just as awesome! 

Since Spring is now upon us, I have a couple of fragrances that I wanted to share. My friend recently bought me the Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion body mist, and it is such a beautiful Spring/Summer scent! For me, anything with coconut will be a winner anyways, but this incorporates vanilla to give a sweet, but fresh, smell that lasts all day!

My second go-to fragrance at the minute is CK IN2U Her . I have been a fan of this perfume ever since it was first launched, but somewhere along the way I had moved onto something different and stopped re-purchasing…until now that is. It has quite a fresh, sweet musk smell but with fruity and fresh floral notes to it, and so it works for all year around. An absolute winner!! 

It’s pretty well known now that many drugstore deodorants contain parabens and aluminium, which may be dangerous, especially for women. So, I have been trying to find a natural alternative. I’ve tried every antiperspirant in ‘Holland and Barrett’, and the new ‘Soft and Gentle’ paraben and aluminium free one, but none have worked. However, I have recently found this ‘Sanex’ stick antiperspirant in ‘Superdrug’, and HAD to try it! Sticks are my favourite, since you don’t need to wait for ages for them to dry, and they don’t choke you with fumes! So, I was hoping for success……and wasn’t disappointed!!
‘Sanex’ have nailed it! I know it’s not an ‘all natural’ product, but being free of the nastiest nasties works for me! It has a nice fresh cotton scent to it too, which is one of my favourites! 

Finally, I have a couple of random items to tell you about. Firstly, you may have heard a few people online talking about a company called ‘Coconut-Lane‘ (This is NOT sponsored). They sell the most gorgeous note books, home decor and accessories. All their designs are completely on-trend right now and choosing what to order is pretty hard! However, this ‘macbook’ skin caught my eye, and of course it went straight into my basket! I have the 12inch ‘macbook’, but they are also available for other sizes and models. I was a bit nervous about sticking something onto my computer incase it bubbled and left a sticky residue if I wanted to remove it. However, neither proved true.              





The skins are so easy to apply, and they have a cut out in the middle for the apple logo, which actually made it easier for me to line it up accurately. I didn’t get any bubbles, and although I haven’t tested it, I do believe the company’s claim that ‘there’s no sticky residue left behind’( 2017). I’m super happy with my product and would highly recommend that you check them out!! 

My last favourite for this month is ‘Oreo Thins’. A few different biscuits have recently come out with ‘thin’ versions, and I was really excited to try them.  Of course a regular ‘Oreo’ is always delicious, but there’s just something about the thin ones that makes them a little extra special. They seem slightly crunchier than a regular one, and a thinner biscuit means you can have more of them, so mentally you feel like you are getting more (which I’m not gonna complain about!). The only thing I will say is that if you enjoy the twisting, licking and dunking of the standard ‘Oreo’, then maybe these aren’t for you. Otherwise, try them! 

Well, I feel like that was quite a long post. I hope that you enjoyed it nonetheless, and have maybe discovered something new to try this week! Let me know in the comments if you have, or if there’s something that you’ve been loving this month that you think we should all try, then please do tell us!! Don’t forget to hit the follow button before you go! You can also find me on YouTube and Twitter 🙂 

Until next time guys!!


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