My 3 Favourite Things About Spring

With clocks in the UK going forward this weekend, it’s time to drag ourselves out of the sleepy, cosy mindset of Winter, and into the bright, chirpy ways of Spring! There are so many things to enjoy about this turn in the season, but I’ve come up with my top 3 to share with you in this post. 

Firstly, the most obvious change is probably the longer days/brighter evenings. I always enjoy the dark, cosy nights of Winter, but as Spring comes around, I’m usually ready for the change. It’s much more enjoyable to go out in the evenings, and there’s so much more opportunity to enjoy nature.  Whilst it’s still not quite picnic weather, throwing on a coat after dinner, and going down to the beach as the sun sets, is undeniably beautiful. After a day of your usual grind, the fresh air and prolonged sunlight can do you the world of good! Since I live in the countryside by the sea, little lambs have began appearing in the fields outside my window, and the world of wildlife is coming alive once again. For those of you who only manage a random glance from the window before you dash out the door every morning, this time of year brings with it the opportunity for you to enjoy the stillness of the outdoors, and discover all those plants and animals which have been hidden from you all Winter. The only downside to the outdoors at this time of year, is that it is also slurry spreading season……but we’ll not talk about that… 😛 

Something which I always look forward to each Spring, is stocking up on all the lovely, fresh scents and room fragrances which appear in the shops. I’m not talking about expensive perfumes here, I mean little things like hand soaps and shower gels.  At the minute, I am absolutely loving the ‘Method‘ foaming hand soap in ‘green tea and aloe vera’. Green tea is one of the most fresh and Spring-like smells that I’ve ever smelt. It reminds me of holidays, and the fresh feel of the Spring evening air. ‘Elizabeth Arden’ also use it in their line of green tea fragrance which is well worth a try if you see it around. 

I also have to have my rooms smelling fresh and Spring-like, and I recently found the ‘Happiness’ reed diffuser in ‘Next Home’. It smells of lemon and bergamot, and is a great, fresh and bright scent. I’m a massive advocate for matching scents to the seasons, but if theres a day when it’s dull, wet and cold, whether it’s Spring or not, I have been known to get the old xmas candles out………

To go along with the scents, I love changing up the décor in my room. My walls and furniture are white, so it’s quick and easy to give the room a whole new feel, with just a few accessories. Over the Winter season, I like to keep things warm and cosy with red checked bedding and winter plants with pine cones and berries.  However, now’s the time when I bring out the bright colours. Changing the bedding to plain white, adding in brightly coloured throws and cushions, and switching up the plants for brightly coloured flowers (needless to say, all my plants are fake 😛 ). This is such a simple way to keep a room feeling fresh and up-to-date, and it’s easy to add in little extra bits ‘n’ pieces each year. I love putting the bright colours back into my room after a cold, dark Winter. It really helps lift your mood in preparation for Spring/Summer!

I could write so much more about what I love about this time of year, but I’ll stop there for now! Let me know in the comments what you’re favourite things are about Spring, and if you also enjoy any of the things that I have mentioned. Don’t forget to follow me and share with your friends if you enjoyed! 

Until next time guys!


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